Instant Abs Machine Instructions

Instant Abs Machine Instructions

When you seek flat, defined abs, you want quick results—and what is faster than instant? At least, that's the promise of the Instant Abs Machine, a chair-like device that promises to tone your midsection in a fun and easy way.

How Does the Machine Work?

The Instant Ab Machine consists of a padded seat which you sit onlike a regular chair and hold handles to support your spine. You twist, turn, stretch and flex to work your ab muscles. The swiveling seat allows you to move freely and work more than just your abs; you also engage your glutes, hips and thighs.

Several standard exercises help address the major muscles of your midsection.

Standard Crunch

This move is gentler on your neck than a classic crunch performed on a gym mat. It works the rectus abdominis, the front abdominal muscle that makes up your six-pack.

Sit on the Instant Abs Machine seat and hold the handles. Place your feet on the foot rest.

Draw your knees up toward your chest and your chest toward your legs to fold in half and release.

Move at a rhythmic pace for 30 seconds, or about 10 repetitions.


Avoid simply rocking back and forth, which won't do anything special for your abs. Consciously draw your knees up toward your chest to make the crunch effective.

Oblique Crunch

The oblique crunch targets the muscles at the sides of your abdomen.

Sit on the Instant Abs Machine and shift to your right hip, so you're sitting to the side. Place your hands on the handles and feet on the foot rest.

Pull your knees to the left side of your chest and release.

Do 10 repetitions on the right, then lean to the left to complete 10 repetitions.

Transverse Rock

The transverse rock refers to movement in the side planes of the body, known as the transverse plane. This move also trains your oblique muscles.

Sit on the seat and hold the handles, feet resting on the foot rest.

Rock side to side by swinging your hips. Let your upper body sway naturally.

Continue to alternate until you've completed 10 repetitions in both directions.

Flat abs come from a combination of diet and exercise.

Limitations of the Instant Abs Machine

The Instant Abs Machine helps to train your core, but you can't spot reduce fat from your belly. Only taking in fewer calories than you burn will successfully help you lose fat to reveal the muscles you create with the device.

Regular cardiovascular activity and total-body strength training helps raise your metabolism so you burn more calories. Reducing portion sizes and choosing mostly unprocessed foods, such as vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains also keeps your calorie intake under control and encourages fat loss.

Even if you can't see your abs, you still benefit from strengthening your abs and entire core, the region from your shoulders to your hips. All movement -- from running to washing the dishes -- originates from this region. A strong abdomen and core means strong functioning at the gym, on the field and in life.