Power 90 Vs. Power 90 Master Series

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Celebrity trainer Tony Horton created the Power 90 Programs to take you from your current fitness level to the next. If you have very little experience working out, Power 90 provides a baseline to begin losing weight and sculpting your body. Power 90 Master Series provides new routines for Power 90 that allow you to tailor a new schedule and continue to develop from your baseline.

Power 90

As the first set in the Tony Horton’s P90 Program, Power 90 begins by taking you through a sculpting circuit that tightens your muscles using resistance. After two days of circuit sculpting with "Sculpt Circuit 1-2", you go through two days of cardio training with "Sweat Cardio 1-2" to start burning the fat off your muscles. The end of your weekly schedule includes an abdominal workout and a quick fat blasting session. That's six programs lasting a total of 155 minutes. Most people see results about three weeks into the program. Others find that they don’t see anything until the end of the first 90 days.

Power 90 Master Series

If you want something only slightly more intense, the Power 90 Master Series provides six new routines, lasting 285 minutes in total, to incorporate into your Power 90 schedule. You add more cardio with "Core Cardio"to continue burning fat, a plyometrics routine called "Plyo Legs" that focuses on your legs, and a couple more sculpting workouts to take you to the next level. Most people report a high drop in body fat, as well as several inches off their entire body width at the completion of Power 90 with the Master Series.


The primary variations on the two programs include the length of the routines, the intensity of each exercise and the focus on different muscle groups. You should keep in mind that Tony Horton created the Power 90 Master Series to augment Power 90, so the Master Series provides more challenging workouts for most people. Power 90 provides shorter routines because of the lower level of fitness required. Power 90 Master Series also focuses on building the muscles from a higher fitness level.


After Power 90 and Power 90 Master Series, you may find it difficult to continue improving, as the routines may no longer provide the challenges you need to grow. Tony Horton created two more sets in his program that provide more intense workouts that last almost twice as long and focus on sculpting a lot more. The Power 90 Extreme and its add-on, Power 90 Extreme Plus, provide two more levels of personal growth and challenges.


Tony Horton's workouts have the potential to sculpt your body into the picture of fitness. Everybody reacts differently to workouts, and you should consult your physician prior to considering any specific workout. If your physician recommends that you not try a higher intensity workout, you may find several lower impact workouts to suit your limitations.