Netball Speed Training

Netball Season

Netball is sort of like playing basketball, but there is no dribbling and once a player has the ball, they are not allowed to take more than a single step. Speed is essential because it helps players to get open, get the ball and make the shot. Players are also not allowed to hold the ball for longer than three seconds, so speed and optimal reaction time are critical.

Netball Star Runs

The star run is a drill to help promote speed, requiring four cones set at north, south, east and west positions. The player should stand right in the middle of the cones and run on command to the cone the instructor yells out, circle it and then return to center.

Reaction Speed Drills

Start the reaction drill by having all players stand in a straight line, running in place or using "quick feet," with everyone facing the coach. The coach starts by moving the ball up, down, right and left. As the coach moves the ball, each player reacts by stretching their arms and moving their feet in the same direction as the ball. The coach can include tossing the ball, making players jump in that direction or dropping the ball, making players touch the floor.