Causes of Knee Pain During Exercise

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You work hard every day putting hours in the gym, but the stress from daily exercise can get to your body. Knee pain becomes an issue with excessive exercise and improper training techniques. Know the exercises and improper movements that cause or can lead to pain, and your knees will thank you.

Too much stress

Overuse happens when you do not allow your body enough rest between exercise sessions. It is the result of an excessive training volume for too long causing stress on the body physically and mentally. Eventually the benefits of exercise will fail to come if the body is over-trained. It is important to reduce exercise intensity and volume at the onset of pain until it subsides. In addition, ice the knees after exercise to reduce inflammation.

Flexibility Issues

If there is tightness in the hamstrings, it can cause stress on the knees. Stretching and using a foam roller after exercise can help reduce tightness and restore mobility.

Improper form

It is important to have proper form when performing lower-body exercises. Leaning forward too much during certain exercises, like squats, can cause pain in the knees. To avoid this, push the hips back before bending and align the knees with the second toe. This will keep the weight centered relieving pressure from excessive forward motion.

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