Couples Sensual Massage Techniques

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With sufficient motivation and practice, couples can include sensual massage techniques into their intimate activities. According to the website, couples should feel loving and caring toward each other in order to receive the most satisfaction from mutual massage. In addition to adding to the arousal, massage can help relax participants, soothe muscles and provide exciting changes in lovemaking sessions.


Couples should prepare the room to provide a comfortable environment for touching. A warm room allows partners to remain naked while enjoying the massage touching. Lighting should be low and flattering. Candles can provide an additional ambience that adds to the sensuality of the experience. Relaxing music at low volume can add to the experience while allowing partners to hear the moans they create with their touch. Pressure during touch massages should be gentle and almost tickling. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is covered in sensitive nerve endings that respond to light touch. Men should concentrate on the clitoris and breasts. Women should touch the penile erogenous zones on men. Both partners can concentrate on the buttocks, anus and inner thighs with light sensual touching massage.


Lingam massage is the Tantric version of sensual massage that's given to men. Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male sex organ, according to massage therapists at White Lotus East. The goal of lingam massage is not to achieve orgasm, although it might be a pleasurable side effect. Instead, lingam massage is meant to relax the man by massaging the prostate, the penis and testicles. The man should lay on his back with a pillow under his head and under his hips. A towel can be placed over the pillow to prevent oil from staining the support under the hips. His legs should be spread and slightly bent. Start with deep breathing and gently rub the entire body, from the chest and arms to the legs and thighs. Use oil to begin rubbing the sexual organs, reminding the man to keep breathing deeply and relax into the massage. Change the speed and pressure while rubbing the oil over the entire pelvic area. Men should hold back from ejaculation to extend the sensual pleasure derived from the massage.


Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and in Tantric tradition is meant to instill respect and love. Yoni sensual massage can help women relax and serve as an alternative safe sex technique. The goal of Yoni sensual massage is to relax and give pleasure. The woman should lie on her back with enough pillows under her head so she can watch the massage of her genitals. A smaller pillow, covered with a towel, should be placed under her hips. Both partners should continue deep breathing during the entire experience. After gently rubbing the rest of the body, the partner giving the massage should pour a small amount of oil or lubricant on the vaginal area and gently rub all around the inside and outside area of the vagina. Refrain from talking to allow each partner to concentrate on the massage.