Information About Call Weider 3550 Exercise Equipment

The Weider Pro 3550 packs the equivalent of 10 or more gym strength-training machines into a single piece of equipment. The compact, three-station design allows you to move from one exercise to the next with a minimum of adjustments in between. Make creative use of the pulleys and you can squeeze enough exercises out of this home gym to work every major muscle group in several different ways.

Size and Capacity

The Weider 3550 measures 59 inches long by 81 inches wide by 77 inches high when fully assembled. It doesn't fold for storage, so place it where it can become a permanent feature in your home. The unit's maximum user weight capacity is 300 lbs. Its dual weight stacks each contain a single, fixed 10-lb. weight plate and 10 additional 10-lb. plates, for a total of 110 lbs. resistance in each stack.

Resistance Arms

The Weider 3550 has three primary resistance arms. The squat arm can also double for use as an overhead press arm. The swiveling butterfly arms convert to a linear-movement-only chest press arm, and the leg lever isolates either your hamstrings or your quads in leg curls and extensions respectively, depending on which angle you use it from.

Pulley Stations

The Weider 3550 has a fixed high pulley and a fixed low pulley. You can swap handles between these pulleys; changing handles, your posture and your angle of pull allows you to use them for a number of exercises, including lat pulldowns, triceps pushdowns, single-arm presses, hay balers, wood chops, incline and decline rows, biceps curls and upright rows. You can substitute pulley handles from other strength-training equipment for more workout variety, as long as the handles are rated to support the amount of resistance you use for each exercise.

Other Attachments and Considerations

The 3550 also offers a preacher curl bench, a slanted pad to keep your elbows steady during curl exercises. The vertical knee raise arms are a relatively rare find on a home gym and double as dip bars and improvised pull-up bars. If you're very short, you might need a step stool to make the fullest use of the VKR arms or a cushion to help orient you properly for the fly, press and curl exercises.

Actual Weight Lifted

You adjust resistance on the Weider 3550 by sliding a selector pin into the appropriate plate in the weight stacks. The actual amount of weight you lift for each exercise doesn't just depend on which weight plate you select, it also depends on which resistance arm you use and the friction between components within the system. The approximate maximum weight for each resistance arm is as follows: high and low pulleys, 128 lbs.; leg lever, 220 lbs.; butterfly arms, 120 lbs.; square arm, 270 lbs.; and press arm, 192 lbs.