Adult Bikes With Training Wheels

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Training wheels on adult bikes are helpful for those who have balance issues and those who fear they will turn over or fall off. Training wheels are also used for disabled adults who want to enjoy the thrill of riding a bicycle but are somehow impaired. Training wheels can get an adult up and moving. You may add them temporarily to a bicycle or leave them on permanently.

Permanent Training Wheels for Long-Term Use

Adults requiring long-term support for bicycling benefit from stabilizer wheels. The wheels attach to the frame of the bicycle as a permanent fixture and provide sturdiness and stability, especially when turning. The wheels are mounted on a steel frame and stand approximately 16 inches tall.

Temporary Wheels for Safe Learning

Training wheels may be mounted temporarily on the bicycle of an adult learning to ride. The wheels can be removed when you have developed a safe sense of balance. During the learning phase the training wheels provide safety by offering additional protection from falling over. Temporary stabilizer wheels sit above the level of the back wheel. Only one of the training wheels touches the ground at a time. This causes the rider to work for control of the bike's balance and to develop the stability necessary to ride without the training wheels.

An Exercise Tool for the Impaired

Training wheels for adult bikes are helpful for people with various physical and developmental conditions. Physical therapy patients, cancer patients, stroke victims and people working through their fear of falling can enjoy a safe bicycling experience. Adults with a wide range of challenges - from cerebral palsy to severe weight issues -- may benefit from training wheels.

Stability for Advanced Terrain

Adults who require training wheels are not limited to a simple ride. Training wheels may be added to bikes designed for challenging terrain. An extreme athlete recovering from an accident or illness that has altered his equilibrium can enjoy an off-road thrill while on the path to recovery.