How to Know If Crutches Are Adjusted Correctly

How to Know If Crutches Are Adjusted Correctly

If you’ve had a leg injury that requires you to walk on crutches for an extended period of time, it’s imperative that those crutches be fitted properly. According to the University of Illinois, improper fit and use of crutches can cause a radial nerve injury in the arm, which may incur permanent damage and loss of arm use. If your crutches haven’t been fitted properly by your doctor or they no longer fit due to bulky winter clothing you may want to check and make sure they’re adjusted properly.

Look at the bottom of the crutch. You will see a scale that shows the proper adjustment for your height.

Locate the metal buttons on each side near the bottom of the crutch and push them in.

Push the crutch foot piece up or down to match the proper height and then release the metal buttons.

Check that the metal buttons are secure in the crutch holes and the foot piece is securely in place.

Place the crutch under your arm. If the height is proper, the arm rest will be one to one and a half inches below your underarm; if it is too high or low readjust the foot piece as previously described.

Bend your elbow slightly and wrap your hand around the crutch hand grip. It should rest comfortably. If it is uncomfortable, you may need to adjust the height of the hand grip.

Loosen the wing nut that secures the hand grip and slide out the corresponding screw.

Move the hand grip up or down to a more comfortable level.

Replace the screw and tighten the wing nut. Your crutches are now the proper height and ready to use.


Check the wing nuts on your crutches every day to be sure they are tight and secure.