Best Hand Held Body Massagers

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Physical therapists believe that massage can increase circulation, help manage stress, heal injured muscles, increase range of motion, and decrease the time it takes to heal from muscle and sports injuries. If you do not have easy access to professional massage services, you may be able to reap many of the same benefits by using a hand-held body massager at home.

Hitachi Magic Wand

With an innocuous appearance that "The Times" reporter Suzi Godson described as “a couple of decapitated Smurfs and something that looked like a hand-held kitchen whisk,” the Hitachi Magic Wand continues to lead the hand-held body massager industry as it has since its introduction in the 1970s. Its two speeds and ball-shaped, flexible head help to relieve the pain and tension of tight muscles, while the Wonder Wand adapter helps you to easily reach places like your mid and lower back. The vibrating heads come equipped with nontoxic rubber material that resists germs and bacteria.

Homedics Hand Held Mini Massager

Compact in size with a comfortable hand grip, the battery-operated Homedics Hand Held Mini Massager uses vibration along four separate pressure points to relieve muscle pain and tension. The massager’s tripod architecture offers other benefits besides a normal feel-good massage, particularly for people subject to frequent injections: the "UC Davis Dermatology Online Journal" reports that cutaneous vibrators, particularly those utilizing tripod technology, are beneficial in relieving injection-site pain. With its toy-like appearance and bright colors, the "Journal" also found that it helped to relieve anxiety in pediatric patients.

Wahl Heat Therapy Complete Heated Massage at Home

The Wahl hand-held body massager has two speed settings and a heat function to help heal sore muscles. New York University’s Langone Medical Center recommends heat or ice as part of the treatment plan for general neck pain, and the addition of massage for spasmodic torticollis, a neurological movement disorder. The Wahl’s contoured head and eight attachments ensure custom massages for all parts of the body, and the extra-long electrical cord makes for easy maneuvering.

Thumper Massager Handheld Percussive Sport Massager

The Thumper Massager offers a type of massage known as “tapotement,” or percussion massage, often in use in sports programs. Instead of the broad, sweeping strokes of traditional massagers, tapotement offers rhythmic thumping on the affected areas. Tapotement is part of traditional Swedish massage, according to the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, which improves circulation and relaxation while reducing muscle tension. Percussion therapy also helps to drive the energy from the massage deep into muscle tissues for fast relief from strains and sprains.