Neck Traction & Stretch Equipment

Suffering from continuous neck pain may lead you to a search for a way to a get rid of the pain permanently. Neck traction and stretching equipment relieve pain and muscle tightness. The goal of traction and stretching is to relieve pain while improving range of motion. A variety of tools are available to help.


The goal of neck traction is to restore normal range of motion and to relieve pain. According to Peterson and Bergman, neck traction is the pulling of one end of the joint, usually the head, to cause gaping in the joint. This allows the relief of chronic stress from posture and an occupation and relieves compression of the joints from weight bearing.

Equipment for Neck Traction

When choosing equipment for neck traction, discuss options with the recommending physician. Some neck traction equipment pulls straight up and connects to a door with a pulley and weight adding enough force to lift the head and gap the joints of the neck. Another neck traction commonly recommended pulls the head and shoulders apart while you sit or lie on your back. It uses a pump and air to gap the joints of the neck.


Stretching increases flexibility of the muscles, increases range of motion of the joints, improve circulation and relieves stress. Books, another person, balls, bands, poles, stretching machines, and yoga classes are just a few of the many options that can be used to maximize results from stretching.

At Home

At-home stretching requires the least amount of equipment. Books or stretching handouts from a physician are the most basic equipment that you can start with. Having another person willing to help will increase some of the stretches. Exercise balls, bands, or poles are easy to find in any store that carries athletic equipment. These stretching accessories will help you get a deeper and more intense stretch.

Gym Stretching

For a more intense stretch, gyms have specialized machines that will slowly stretch the muscles within your preferred intensity. When first using these machines, ask for assistance from the gym staff to ensure correct use. Yoga is another option for a stretch. Yoga is an exercise that focuses primarily on stretching and is best to do with a class instructor or video who will direct the participants as to correct poses.


Consult a physician before beginning any neck traction because of complications and possible side effects. If you experience dizziness, light headed or headaches with traction, stop immediately and consult physician. Never do any stretching that may be difficult to get out of the position. Use stretching equipment under the watch of a professional trained to use it

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