Where to Buy a Mini Trampoline With a Stabilizing Bar

Getting the right amount of daily exercise is often challenging for those with busy schedules. Therefore, many people turn to alternative sources for their daily workouts, such as a mini trampoline. Besides being easy to set up and store, a mini trampoline is inexpensive and convenient for home, the office or travel. Buy a mini trampoline at sporting goods stores, super stores or online, and include a stabilizing bar for added comfort and safety.


Mini trampoline rebounding can provide numerous health benefits. Besides providing aerobic exercise, rebounding rejuvenates skin and promotes cell growth, according to personal trainer Cindy Brotherton. Also jumping on a rebounder is beneficial for those suffering with various health conditions from arthritis and back pain to asthma and allergies, according to Brotherton. You’re also less likely to sustain injuries while rebounding compared to other forms of aerobic exercise such as jogging, says Brotherton.

Buy a mini trampoline with a stabilizing bar for extra safety at retail stores, online or used. Reap the benefits of aerobic exercise on your own time and in the convenience of your chosen location. Jumping and running on a mini trampoline for approximately 10 minutes is equivalent to jogging 1 mile, according to Exertec Fitness equipment instructions. Purchase Exertec Fitness mini trampolines at Academy Sports + Outdoors.

Purchase Safety Equipment

Although another benefit of jumping regularly on a mini trampoline is gaining and developing balance and coordination, including additional mini trampoline equipment provides support and comfort, especially for those just starting rebounding exercise, or those who are afraid of losing their balance. Avoid accidentally stepping off of your trampoline by buying additional equipment, such as a stabilizing bar when you make your mini trampoline purchase. Buy new mini trampolines with such safety equipment in sporting goods stores, super stores, online or used.

Sporting Goods Stores

Most sporting goods stores, such as Academy Sports + Outdoors, Sports Authority or Big 5 Sporting Goods, sell mini trampolines with complementary equipment such as a stabilizing bar. Many rebounder models come with a handrail, stabilizer bar or a safety net. Mini trampolines that come with extra equipment are a bit more expensive, and depending on the brand, it usually adds approximately $20 to the cost as of November, 2010 mini trampoline prices. However, find mini trampolines with stabilizer bars as low as $49.99, according to the Academy Sports + Outdoors 2010 holiday price list.

Online Stores

Many major sporting goods stores also offer online shopping options for mini trampolines with stabilizing bars. For instance, order the Pure Fun 40" Mini Trampoline with Handrail online and at a discount from Sports Authority for $69.99 as of November, 2010. During the 2010 holiday season also get special shipping pricing.

Find rebounders via other online retailers as well, such as JumpSport, which offers additional equipment, including stabilizing bars, as well as free shipping options on some equipment as of November, 2010.

Used Equipment

Find used mini trampolines and equipment via online auction sites, such as eBay and at local garage sales. Carefully check the fitness equipment for damage and weakness due to wear and tear before purchasing.


Check with your health provider before starting a trampoline rebounding exercise program.

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