Fitness Model Competition Prep Guide

Jacob Ammentorp Lund/iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to fitness modeling, exercise is only a small part of a bigger battle. Unlike bodybuilding, fitness modeling is about looking good and photographing well, too. You also have to eat right and get enough rest. While a successful career in fitness modeling won't happen overnight, through proper preparation and hard work you can reach your goals.

Choose a Competition

Choosing a show is one of the most important elements of fitness model competition preparation. The ideal show will be anywhere from 3 to 6 months down the road. This will give you plenty of time to work out, switch up your diet and prepare mentally. This time frame like this also can give you time to make arrangements for work, family and travel.

Ramp Up Your Routine

Working out is a given for fitness professionals. The last month before the competition is the ideal time for you to ramp up your workout and your eating habits. Cut out all unnecessary fats, sugars and unhealthy foods. Work out as often as possible and allow your body to rest and recover, as well. The last month before your competition is the time to get down to business. Keep in mind that when you are slacking off, your competition may not be.

Get Your Look Down

Get your look down well before your competition. Start experimenting early on with different hair and makeup looks so you know what you want by the time your competition rolls around. If your budget allows for it, consider hiring someone to do your hair and makeup for you the day of your competition.

Ladies, don't forget the seemingly little things, such as eyelashes, a manicure and a pedicure. Not only will this help refine your look, but it also will give you the confidence that judges are seeking. Remember, this is a modeling competition, not a bodybuilding competition. The judges are looking for beautiful models with great bodies. Looks are just as important as tone.

Scope Out the Competition

Get a little bit of experience without actually having to enter a competition by going as a spectator. This can give you some idea of what the competition is like. It also can help give you some idea as to how the judging will go and what body types the judges like. The more experience you have, the better. First-timers are encouraged to attend as many competitions as possible to get some pseudo-experience.