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Partner Ab Exercises

If you feel like you’ve lost your motivation for working out, it’s time to buddy up. Exercise with a partner not only makes you more accountable for actually completing your workout, it can also encourage you to push yourself a little harder to keep up.

A comprehensive workout plan should include exercises for your core, which includes your abdominal muscles. Make the most of your workout partner by engaging in exercises that take two to complete.


Working in tandem with a partner requires clear communication. Before beginning an exercise, discuss the amount of weight that you’re both capable of using, as well as what the proper form is for the movement.

1. V-Sit Partner Rotations

For this exercise, you'll need a weighted medicine ball.

HOW TO DO IT: Sit side-by-side with your partner. You should be facing the same direction. Bend your knees to a 45-degree angle and keep your feet firmly on the floor.

Both people should lean back slightly; one person holds the medicine ball at their chest. Keeping the back straight, rotate the torso and pass the medicine ball to the other person.

Rotate back to front. Repeat the process as the second person passes the medicine ball back to the original holder. This is one rep; aim to do 10 to 12. After one set of reps, switch places so both sides of the abs are targeted.

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2. Side Plank With Reach-Through Press

HOW TO DO IT: One person gets into a side plank position, with the partner standing slightly behind them. The person in the side plank should reach their free arm into the air.

Person one lowers their extended arm to reach under their body — tapping the ground under their waist — and then returns to the starting position. Person two presses on person one's outstretched hand, creating force. Person one must use their core muscles to stay balanced. Complete three to five repetitions of the exercise, and then switch places.

3. "Patty Cake" Plank

HOW TO DO IT: In this move, both partners get into a plank pose with their heads facing each other. Position yourself about a foot away from each other, or at a comfortable distance for slapping each other's palms.

At the same time, bring your hands up to "Patty Cake." Keep your hips up and your spine in a neutral position. Complete as many hand slaps as you can in good form. Work your way up to completing the entire nursery rhyme.

4. Medicine Ball Sit-Up and Toss

HOW TO DO IT: While one person stands, the other sits on the ground about a foot in of him with knees bent. The standing partner, holding a medicine ball in front of their chest, throws it to the sitting partner.

When the sitting partner catches the ball, he does a sit-up and then throws to the ball back to the standing partner. After 15 to 20 repetitions, switch places.


Finish your workout with partner stretches. Another person can help you push a little further in your stretches; however, let them know when there's enough pressure in the stretch so you don't cause an injury.

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