Safety Lights for Jogging

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In winter, your regular jogs may take place while it is dark in the morning or early evening. In the summer, you may choose to jog before dawn to avoid the heat of the day. In either situation, you need to ensure you are visible to drivers and other pedestrians. Safety lights can help provide the necessary visibility.

Strap-On Headlamp

Adjustable lamps mounted on a stretchy strap and worn around your head are available at many running stores. Head-mounted lamps may be preferable to flashlights when jogging because they keep your hands free while providing light. Additionally, a headlamp will help you see where you are going and possibly avoid rough terrain or unexpected steps or curbs. Some runners, however, find the presence of a headlamp cumbersome or distracting.

Hand-Held Torch

A handheld torch or flashlight is another option for running in the dark. The light from a flashlight allows you to see and avoid wet or icy patches on the road or sidewalk before you jog over them. Because the flashlight moves with your hand as you jog, the motion of the light will attract the attention of drivers, making you more visible. Choose a light-weight, powerful beam to maximize illumination and prevent fatigue from carrying the torch while you run.

Clip-On Lights

Clip-on lights, such as those used by cyclists, can be effective for jogging. The lightweight front and rear lights are widely available and generally inexpensive, according to Medline Plus. With the lights clipped to your clothing, you are unlikely to feel encumbered. You should wear clip-on lights on the front and back of your body. The waistband of your pants is a place to clip lights front and back, providing they are not obscured by clothing on your upper body.

Reflective Gear

In addition to wearing light sources on your body while running, you can make sure you are visible in streetlights and vehicle headlights by wearing reflective clothing, shoes and accessories. The Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police recommends wearing reflective gear when running or jogging in the dark, dusk or half-light. Many kinds of running shoes have reflective strips built into the design. However, it is also important to wear reflective items on your upper body. A vest fitted with reflective tape is one option, or you can wear detachable reflective bands on your arms and legs.