Top Rated Schwinn Bicycles

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Schwinn bicycles have been a popular brand for millions of cyclist since 1895. The Schwinn brand is about as American as apple pie, according to Re-Cycle. Schwinn still manufactures several models of bicycles and many of the older models are considered collector's items now.


The Schwinn Cruiser Seven has great consumer reviews according to Epinions. As with most cruisers, you'll have a heavy bike that's hard to take uphill, but this bike offers seven gears that operate smoothly and it's comfortable and attractive. The tires are sturdy and the components are dependable. It's easy to operate, simple to maintain and comes in a variety of colors. Things to consider: It does come with a coaster brake and the paint scratches easily.

Mountain Bike

According to a review from Viewpoints, Schwinn mountain bikes are solid, smooth and powerful. Easy to ride and easy to repair, Schwinn mountain bikes are a smart choice. Try the High Timber model if you're on a budget, the Ridge model if you have a little extra, and the Delta model for a top of the line Schwinn mountain bike. Beyond a comfortable ride, you'll enjoy the durable tires and the easy to shift gears.

Road Bike

If you're looking for an entry level road bike, a Schwinn will be an affordable option. The Fastback Sport 24 gets the best reviews, according to Road Bike Review. The bike corners well; the aluminum frame is firm; the saddle is comfortable; the tires have good traction and the bike is easy to handle. However, the shifting system could be better and the tubes are hard to change when you get a flat.


For a hybrid bicycle, the Schwinn Searcher, gets the best reviews. Very affordable, you get a lot for the price, according to a review for Buzzillions. It's lightweight, durable, and the components are high quality. It's best for riding on pavement and is a a great commuter bicycle. Because its a hybrid, you'll get the comfort of a cruiser ride but with the lightness near the weight of a road bike.