How to Mount Gymnastic Rings

sport rings

Gymnastic rings, also called still rings, can provide a great upper body and core workout. The suspended rings allow you to do pull-up based exercises along with more complicated routines that work your arms, shoulders, chest, back and abdomen. Unlike most other gymnastic equipment, the rings are portable and can be set up outdoors or in your home in only a few minutes.

Temporary Or Moveable Anchor

Locate a space where you have freedom to move and you have clearance below your feet and above your head, generally 6 to 8 feet in both directions depending on the exercises you plan to do.

Loop the straps of your rings over an exposed ceiling beam, a sturdy tree limb, or another solid fixture, such as a pull-up bar or park equipment. Tug on the straps to test that the fixture will not shake or move beneath your weight.

Adjust the buckles on the straps to shorten or lengthen them depending on the type of exercise you plan to do.

Ceiling Anchor

Take advantage of ceiling joists or beams to install the straps indoors. Use a stud finder to locate a stud in your ceiling. Mark its location with a pencil.

Measure two points slightly more than shoulder width apart on the stud, typically around 20 inches. Screw heavy-duty eye-bolts into these points using a screwdriver as a lever.

Thread the straps through the loops of the eye bolts. Adjust the buckles on the straps for your height.


If you mount the rings high, plan for how you will safely reach them and dismount from them.