The Best Swimwear for Wide Hips

filipw/iStock/Getty Images

Shopping for swimwear is one of the most anxiety-producing activities many women face. Every physical flaw, real or imagined, is more noticeable in a revealing swimsuit. When a woman has a pear shape, meaning her hips and thighs are wider than her shoulders, shopping for a flattering suit can be an even greater challenge.

Accentuate the Positive

Choose a suit that accentuates your best feature. A halter-style suit can highlight great shoulders. If you have a long, graceful neck, choose a swimsuit with a V-neck or scooped neckline that shows it off. A flat stomach or narrow waist can be played up with a tankini with a bright top and a darker-colored skirted bottom. If you choose a two-piece suit, look for a brand that offers separate top and bottom sizes.

The Best Trunk Options

Many women with wide hips think a boy-cut swimsuit offers more coverage and looks better on their shape. The opposite is often true. The hem of boy-cut trunks hits right on the widest part of the thigh, drawing the eye to that spot. The most flattering trunk cut for wide hips is a high-cut suit which gives the illusion of a longer, leaner leg. A mini-skirted trunk in a dark color can camouflage wide hips or thick thighs. Avoid busy patterns when choosing a trunk.

The Best One-Piece Suits

The same design principles that work to minimize wide hips in a two-piece suit apply to choosing a one-piece. Look for a suit that has more pattern or color on the top of the suit or a suit in a single dark color. Choose high-cut legs or a skirted bottom. Shirring can emphasize a narrow waist, just as a halter or jewel neckline can show off a lovely decolletage. A suit with vertical stripes also visually slims the figure.

Support and Cover-up

Many suits are now made with features similar to those of popular shapewear brands. These suits can add support for an ample bustline, cinch a waist and lift and provide shape to a less-than-firm derrière. Some suits can provide enough shaping to make you appear a full size smaller. A flattering cover-up such as a sarong can provide you with the confidence you need to hit the beach.