How to Build a Wobble Board

How to Build a Wobble Board

Wobble boards are used by athletes in training to improve their reaction time and balance skills. They are an effective way to engage your entire body to try and keep the wobble board steady. While you can purchase any number of expensive wobble boards through exercise equipment manufacturers, it is fairly easy to make your own, as long as you are handy with a jigsaw and some screws. Try making your own so that you can incorporate wobble board training into your fitness routine.

Measure your 2-by-2 foot piece of plywood's center by drawing a line halfway through the length and halfway through the height so that the exact center of the piece of wood is found where the lines intersect.

Use a pencil attached to a piece of string that has been lightly nailed into the intersection of the lines to draw a circle on the plywood by pulling the string taut and drawing all the way around the wood. This should create a perfect circle shape for your wobble board.

Cut the circle out carefully using a jigsaw and sand the edges down lightly so that you do not hurt yourself while working with the wood. Measure around your PVC end cap and cut out another circle based on that size. It will be inserted into the end cap to reinforce the strength.

Glue around the edges of the smaller circle with wood glue, and drop it into the end cap to adhere. Wait until it has dried before you screw it to the wobble board.

Line up the end cap in the center of the board, making sure that the flange is out. Use regular screws to screw around the pipe into the flanges to secure it to the plywood. If your pipe has no flange, use Liquid Nails around the mouth of the pipe to adhere it to the board.

Use black grip tape to make a design on the top of the board so that you have a place to safely stand on the board without slipping. You may also want to add it to the edges of the board to protect you from splinters.