What Brands of Golf Balls Go the Farthest?

What Brands of Golf Balls Go the Farthest?

The golf ball brands that provide the farthest-traveling balls incorporate multi-piece designs and robotic compression as well as wind-tunnel testing. It is estimated by the United States Golf Association that of over 1,200 golf balls on the market, most are engineered for long distance. According to Leaderboard.com, there are four leading brands recognized for producing long-flight golf balls.


Titleist is one of the most-recognized brands on the PGA and LPGA circuits as well as with weekend warriors out for a few Saturday rounds. With their long-flight golf balls, Titleist features two-piece designs and softer cores. The outside of their long-distance balls have spherically-tiled dimple patterns to enable lower altitudes and a more shallow landing for additional off-tee roll.

Top Flite

Top Flite has enjoyed over 30 years of recognition on golf courses throughout the world. Their golf balls have often been called "the gold standard" for distance and durability. By incorporating a high-resiliency core and a high-speed, low-spin Ionomer cover, Top Flite's long-distance balls have reduced rotation, yet cut-proof durability. The company's golf balls also offer dimple technology for faster tee-offs and longer carry by way of the high-launching dimple pattern.


Slazenger has enjoyed much success on the green, particularly after being named the official golf ball brand of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. Golfers associate the Slazenger's long-flight balls with consistent distances regardless of their swing speed. Much of this is due to Slazenger's use of high-energy performance cores and aerodynamic 428-dimple designs as well as cut-resistant covers which produce precise feel and reliable spin rates in any type of playing condition.


According to "Golf Week," Callaway has pummeled the far-off green with long-distance balls that are smaller in core diameter than their competitors' models. This reduction allows their ball to have a second mantle layer, which produces firmer tee shots. Callway also incorporates a four-piece design and increased rotational speed to enable longer distances for a variety of swing speeds. Hexagon-shaped aerodynamic dimples also play a roll in travel ability, while the DuraSpin cover enables those same balls to do well in the short game, a first for any manufacturer in the sport.