The Best Women's Cross Trainers

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Cross trainers are shoes that are designed to withstand the stress of a variety of activities and athletic surfaces, including tennis courts, concrete and gym floors. These shoes may also help prevent your foot from rolling by providing support. Although cross trainers may be versatile, they are not ideal for running. To find the best women's cross trainers, research models and try shoes before buying when possible.

Nike Free Trainer

The Nike Free Trainer is a shoe well-suited to a variety of activities because it is light and has a flexible design, meaning it is unlikely to interfere with your movement. The Nike Free Trainer also has an outsole designed to provide traction, making it versatile enough for numerous surfaces.

New Balance WX710

The New Balance WX710 cross trainers are lightweight shoes, weighing less than 8 oz. each. Despite the light weight, the New Balance WX710 shoes provide adequate cushioning and comfort. Although these cross trainers are not ideal as a running shoe, New Balance WX710 shoes provide traction and are useful for workouts and walking, among other pursuits.

New Balance 1010

The New Balance 1010 cross trainers are good shoes for a variety of activities because they offer stability during movements such as zig-zags that you might encounter in agility training. According to "Fitness Magazine," New Balance 1010 shoes are also useful for a variety of drills and workout moves like lunges.

Asics Gel-Fluent TR 2

The Asics Gel-Fluent TR 2 feature the brand's gel cushioning, which may help absorb shock when you are running or jumping. In addition, Asics Gel-Fluent TR 2 shoes include a heel plug to improve durability. These cross trainers also provide lateral stability, which is important for drills and activities that involve changing direction quickly.