Top-Rated Comfort Bikes

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Comfort bikes make cycling around the block or the local bike trail a relaxing and convenient experience. These bicycles are designed to absorb the vibration and impact of rough pavement, letting you sit back and enjoy the ride. Comfort bikes that get the top ratings from consumers have a diverse mix of features -- from fenders and lights to wide, durable tires -- that set them apart from the pack.

Comfort Is a Frame of Mind

The luxurious ride of a comfort bike starts with the frame. Top-rated comfort bikes use high-quality steel -- like 4130 cromoly, which combines excellent ductility and vibration absorption with the durability to last through decades of frequent use. A comfort bike's frame is built with substantial tubing to offset the weight of larger riders, giving these stout frames more than enough capability for your toughest routes.

Tired and True

The wheels of a comfort bike are built to last for years of riding with wide rims and high spoke counts. These durable rims are wrapped with balloon tires with plenty of width, which provides ample shock absorption for the comfort of the rider. The top-rated comfort bikes come with flat-resistant tires to minimize your risk of an interrupted ride. The wide contact patch of these large tires provides great traction, which helps on loose bike trails or wet pavement. Aluminum rims provide a great braking surface for rim brakes.

Take Your Seat

The top-rated comfort bikes pay special attention to contact points in the seat and handlebars. A wide, supportive seat is best, since the geometry of a comfort bike's frame places you in a more upright position to relax your lower back and neck. These seats redistribute your weight to your sit bones, sparing the sensitive tissue between your legs. Similarly, high-rise handlebars give beginner riders confidence and security with their steering, which can make your ride much easier.

The Extra Mile

The most popular comfort bikes have a few extra features to make your ride safer or more convenient. Full-coverage fenders are a popular addition to comfort bikes that prevent the spray from wet roads from muddying your drivetrain and calves. Bicycle lights in the front and back increase your visibility, giving you a safer ride after dark. In addition, the top-rated comfort bikes usually have mirrors and a bell on your handlebars to give your commute a little extra security.