The Best Beginner Ice Skates From Riedell

Riedell offers a variety of skates for a variety of skills levels, from beginning skaters to Olympic skaters. Their skates are well-reputed, comfortable, and highly rated among professionals and amateurs. A good beginner ice skate has qualities meant to help a new skater stay on balance on the ice. The skates will support their ankles and feet, keep feet dry, and be comfortable. This way, the skater can focus on learning the basics rather than on worrying about blistering feet and twisted ankles.

121 RS

Designed for comfort and durability, the 121 RS is made for the beginner skater. It has a split comfort tongue for added support and comfort, and Dri-Lex lining to keep your feet dry all day. They also have PVC outsoles to keep outside moisture from penetrating in to your feet. Customer reviews are very positive for these skates, ranking them 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com and 5 out of 5 stars on Sportsunlimited.com. Customers say these are great skates for the beginner and transition well as the skater learns new skills.

115 RS

This skate is also perfect for beginners. It has dual quarter reinforcements, which stabilize shaky ankles. It also features a Dri-Lex lining to help keep your feet dry, and an added PVC outsole to keep the moisture from the ice out. These skate support the feet comfortably. These skates received a 5 star rating from Skate.com, and reviewers say these skates are durable and comfortable. They are perfect for recreational use, but not as good for a competitive skater.

110 RS

These are perfect for beginners and for steady skaters. These skates have a quilted lining for a cozy fit, but do not feature the Dri-Lex lining. However, they do have the PVC outsole to keep moisture out. They have foam quarter padding for comfort, and reinforced uppers for added stability. These skates also received a 5 star customer rating from both Skates.com and Sportsunlimited.com. They are the cheapest skates for the highest quality, which make them perfect for a skater who wants to test their skills without a lot of expenditure.

133 TS

A slightly more advanced skate, these are still perfect for beginners. They also have the Dri-Lex lining and PVC outsoles to keep the feet dry and comfortable. They have leather uppers and a split tongue design for added support to the foot and ankle, as well as dual quarter reinforcements. They received a 5 star rating from Amazon.com, and a customer review says, "They offer amazing support and comfort. I would definitely recommend them for recreational and beginner skaters".

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