What Are the Dimensions of a Baseball Base?

Home Plate

Though the outfield may vary in size from one baseball field to the next, the dimension of a baseball infield does not. This includes everything from length, width, and most importantly base size. Little league players may utilize a smaller infield as they learn the fundamentals of the game, but the three bases are the same size as those used by adults.

How big are the bases in baseball?

The three bases are first, second and third base. All bases are the same size and all are shaped in a square, with each side being 15 inches long and 3 to 5 inches thick. Each base is made of a canvas-like material that is stuffed with a soft material. The official rules of Major League Baseball state that the bases must be secured to the ground.

How big is Home Plate?

The fourth base is home plate, which is a five-sided pentagon shaped piece of white rubber. Home plate starts as a square and has two corners removed; the longest side of home plate is 17 inches long, the two shorter straight sides are 8.5 inches long and the two slanted sides are 12 inches in length. The home plate is dug into the infield and does not need to be secured.