Oblique Exercises for Men to Get a ""V Shape""

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Your oblique muscles are on either side of the rectus abdominus muscles, the ones that provide those "six-pack" abs when you're toned and your body fat is at a minimum. You have internal and external oblique muscles and their main function is to help turn or rotate the trunk of the body. And because of that, exercises that involve turning and bending to the sides are the ones that will help tone your obliques, get rid of your love handles and help give you that sought-after "V shape."

Medicine Ball Toss

Picture a rugby player making a pass to the side, a bit like an American football player making a lateral pitch to a teammate. Now take a medicine ball and stand parallel to a wall with your knees slightly bent. Turn and toss the ball against the wall. Retrieve it and do the same thing for 45 seconds without pausing. Then turn around and toss the medicine ball from the other side against the wall for another 45 seconds. Not only will this help tone your obliques and abs, it will boost your endurance. If you don't have a wall available, you can toss with a training partner who is doing the same exercise.

Side Plank Drop

Get into plank position, which is like the start of a push-up, only you're supporting yourself on your toes and on your forearms, instead of your hands. Turn to one side, keeping one arm on the floor and the opposite hip pointed toward the ceiling, and then drop down and let your hip touch the floor. Bring it back up and repeat 25 times, but be sure to keep your abs tight and your body as straight as possible.


Get on a hyper-extension bench and tuck your legs under the footpads. With the front of your thighs on the wide part of the bench and your back straight, put your hands lightly behind your ears and bend forward at the waist. Go down as far as your are comfortable going and then slowly rise up to where your body forms a straight line. Do two sets of eight to 10 repetitions in each set, but be sure to take your time moving up and down.

Ballet Stretch

Get on your knees with your hands on your waist. Move your left leg out straight to the side and bring your right arm up over your head like a dancer. Hold for five deep breaths and then switch sides and repeat. This exercise helps elongate and tone the obliques.