What Is Jennifer Lopez's Exercise Routine?

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The last few minutes of 2009 were spent by millions of people watching Jennifer Lopez sing in the New Year on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve." You may have been watching and wondering how she could be wearing a skin-tight catsuit unitard after recently giving birth to twins. The answer she told "Us Magazine": she has to work at it.

Cardio Mix

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In an interview with the New York Post in January 2010, Jennifer Lopez credits her fit figure to several methods of exercise including boxing, running, stair master and biking. Varying your cardiovascular workouts is an exercise technique recommended by fitness trainers, such as ACE-certified personal trainer and author, Karen Voight. Voight states, doing one exercise repeatedly makes your body so efficient at that routine that you will stop seeing results.

Resistance Training

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Lopez works with personal trainers that keep her fitness routine well-rounded and includes resistance training two to three times per week. Some of the workouts she mentioned in her New York Post interview were free weights, weight machines, light circuit training and lunges. The American Council on Fitness' celebrity trainer, Keli Roberts, recommends utilizing a personal trainer for at least the first few sessions to help you set up a good strength-training program where you are doing the exercises correctly, then you can maintain the plan on your own.


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One of Lopez' trainers, Gunnar Peterson, suggests a specific exercises to target your glutes, or butt muscles, and lower body. A twisting lunge, an exercise Lopez uses to work her glutes and obliques, involves lunging your right leg back behind you with both feet facing forward and your back knee lowered toward the floor. Pivot your body to your right so your left foot is still pointed left, but your right foot is forward. Lower your hands to your right foot, then pivot back to your starting position. Alternate legs, doing 12 to 15 on each side.


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Peterson suggests this exercise for all-over toning, working your arms, legs, core and butt. Hold a five to ten pound weight in each hand and raise your arms up into goal-post position for shoulder-presses. Squat down then twist to your left, raising your right heal off the ground while pushing weights up over your head. Return to starting position while lowering the weights. Switch sides and do 12 to 15 repetitions on each side.


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Jennifer Lopez works closely with personal trainers and has professionals guiding and helping her. Be cautious when performing exercises and speak with your doctor before beginning a new program.