Comfortable Cruiser Bikes

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Cruiser bikes are the ideal bike for a casual cyclist. They're designed with comfort in mind, and the best cruiser bikes are designed especially for a slow, relaxing ride around your local bike path, park or beach. These bikes are stylish and functional and have a simple drivetrain to keep repairs at a minimum. Look for features that add the most comfort for your dollar for a truly relaxing bicycle ride.

Sit Back and Relax

The seat of your cruiser bike is one of the most critical components for your comfort. An uncomfortable seat can make even short rides miserable or, worse, risk damaging the sensitive tissue between your legs. Look for a seat with a wide base that corresponds to the width of your sit bones, the bony protrusions underneath the flesh of your rear. A suspension seatpost can further reduce the jarring and vibration of rough pavement, and many cruiser bikes come with additional springs in the seat itself.

Getting Yourself In Position

The most comfortable cruiser bikes use an upright geometry in their frames, seats and handlebars to keep you sitting in a very relaxed position. Your neck and shoulders shouldn't strain as you reach for the handlebars; instead, most of your weight should be situated on your hips. This riding position is ideal for taking in the sights on your afternoon ride and will help keep your fatigue and soreness to a minimum on short to moderate rides.

Anything But Tiring

Your tires play an important role in absorbing the cracks and bumps on your local route. Cruiser bikes can accommodate extra-wide balloon tires that run at a low psi, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride. Wider tires also provide increased flotation over loose sand and dirt, so you won't be struggling if you decide to detour from the beaten path. Cruiser bike tires are very resilient to pinch flats and small punctures, reducing your chance of an annoying flat.

Getting the Extras

Outfitting your bike with a few accessories can add a lot of comfort to your ride. For comfort, ergonomic handlebar grips are a great way to reduce the stress on your hands. A fender for each wheel will keep the spray off your frame and your back when you get caught in a shower. Bicycle lights are a great way to increase your visibility and safety, and a rack lets you comfortably carry some groceries to make your bike even more useful.