The History of Masi Bikes

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Masi Bikes is a bicycle production company that was founded in 1950 and is known for its racing bikes. Masi was established in Italy by Faliero Masi, but is now based in California. Masi Bikes are sold through authorized distributors and dealers located across the U.S., Italy and the rest of the world.


Faliero Masi, the founder of Masi Bikes, was a professional racer in the 1930s. As online biking resource EBykr explains, this experience helped Masi understand what kind of features other cyclists would want on their bikes. Masi used this knowledge to found Cicli Masi, the forerunner of Masi Bikes, in Italy in 1950.

Early Years

Due to his skill in fitting bikes to their riders, Masi earned a nickname, "The Tailor." Masi built his reputation and expanded the popularity of his company by producing bicycles for well-known riders such as Jacques Anquetil and Fausto Coppi. Unfortunately, as EByker notes, many of the cycling legends for whom Masi built frames were under contract from other companies, which prevented them from displaying Masi logos on their bicycles.

Move to U.S.

In 1972, Faliero Masi brought his company to the U.S., enlisting the aid of his son, Alberto, to help him expand the brand. According to EBykr, the unique blend of Italian design and American construction led to the popularity of Masi's bikes. The bikes produced by Masi in the 1970s are collector's items for modern bike enthusiasts.


The 1970s was considered a high point for Masi Bikes, and the 1980s seemed as though they would be a disappointment, as Faliero Masi retired and returned to Italy. However, in 1981, Alberto Masi introduced the 3V Volumetrica, a bicycle EBykr describes as "20 years ahead of its time in design and execution." This model is still available as of 2011, though it is known as the Milano3V in the U.S.

Present And Future

As the official website for Masi Bikes explains, the company produces bicycles for wider audience than just world champions. The company has evolved significantly from the days in which Faliero Masi was building bicycles by hand. Masi Bikes now mass produces bicycles and interacts with its customers via its website, Facebook page, Twitter feed and Vimeo video page.