Top-Rated Volleyball Shoes

To gain top rating, a volleyball shoe should provide critical stability while still allowing mobility and, indeed, be able to hold up to the constant, aggressive movements of the volleyball athlete. Proof may or may not lie with a team's choice of shoe which is often tied to a sponsorship with a specific brand. Mizuno, Asics and Nike reliably find their way onto the top-rated lists.

Mizuno Is Queen

Credibility is established with consistent performance and endurance on the court. The Mizuno volleyball shoe offers stability and durability along with demonstrated cushion -- which absorbs shock -- and lightweight design. Mizuno knows volleyball. Longevity and scientific research dedicated to the sport make their seat at the table relevant. Offering a wide range of pricing and multiple options in regards to weight, color and style, Mizuno serves up a reliable volleyball shoe.

Asics and Nike Service

Asics has a visible presence with numerous versions of their shoes built for volleyball. Structurally sound and providing the stability needed, Asics shoes also offer gel cushioning, validating their popularity. The Asics shoes are also noted for breathable design, brace-accommodating construction and responsiveness on the court. Several women's college volleyball teams are sponsored by Nike which brings to fruition getting it done in terms of providing a reliable volleyball shoe. The Nike shoe enables the foot to be encased, allowing minimal shifting inside. It is also lightweight and breathable.

High School Court

For high school teams, many choose the Mizuno. It holds up well to the typical high school season of 4 to 5 months. The design bodes effectively to the body frame of most high school athletes, providing the traction needed on the gym floor. Joe Sabatell, head girl's volleyball coach at J. Frank Dobie High School in Houston, Texas says after a season of using the Nike shoe, his team will return to the Mizuno. Mizuno is also the top pick for many club teams.

Libero's Got Game

Top-rated shoes satisfy the expectations of the club, high school, collegiate or national team putting them to use on the court. The tried and true volleyball shoe must fit the requirements of the sport. In this case it includes quick lateral and forward movements, virtually nonstop change of direction and acceleration, diving, rolling and jumping. No two testers rate a particular shoe the same. Chances are if a player seeks traction, durability, stability and minimum drag they will find it in a Mizuno, Asics or Nike.

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