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How to Use P90X for 30 Minutes

The P90X training program consists of 12 DVDs, each containing exercises that focus on a particular section of the body. Some of the exercises require additional equipment, such as dumbbells, pull-up bars or resistance bands.

The DVDs challenge you to beat your previous record of repetitions of each exercise, so you don't plateau in your workout. The workouts range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes each; however, if you don't have a lot of time, you can tailor your workout to fit into 30 minutes.

Learn the Moves

Watch all the videos in their entirety before trying to cut down the P90X workout into 30-minute segments. This will help you learn how the exercises are designed to help your body burn the maximum number of calories and confuse your muscle memory. Write down the exercises in a notebook by type, either weight training or cardio, or by body part such as chest and back, arms, legs or abs.

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Follow the Basic Routine

The routine alternates weight training and cardio each day, so stick to the same schedule. You will be doing a condensed version of the workout, so you may need to increase the speed at which you perform some of the exercises to get a good workout compacted into 30 minutes.

Write out a Workout Plan

P90X uses a 90-day plan for the entire workout, so you can construct the same for yourself using 30-minute workouts, or you can shorten it to a 30 or 60-day routine. Use one page in your notebook for each day and write the list of exercises you plan to perform in that workout. For example, if you were going to work out your abs on Monday, title the page "Monday" then write sit-ups, oblique twists with a medicine ball, decline crunches and leg lifts on separate lines. Write the times you plan on performing each exercise in the margin of the page. If you plan on doing each for one minute, you can write "0:00-1:00" by situps, "1:00-2:00" by oblique twists and so on. This will ensure you fit all the necessary exercises into your 30-minute time span.

Keep the DVDs on Hand

Watch the DVDs as a reference if you forget how to perform a certain exercise or technique. It may help to keep a log of the time each exercise appears on the DVD when you watch them the first time. This makes it easier to refer back to a specific spot on the DVD.

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Things Needed

  • P90X DVD
  • DVD player
  • Notebook and pencil

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