The Top Aerobics DVDs

The Top Aerobics DVDs

Staying in shape is much easier when you have someone to tell you what to do. While the top trainers in the world are rather expensive to work with, you can get a taste of their expertise by buying one of their workout DVDs. Try out one of these aerobic workouts to up your fitness level and receive expert instruction from some of the best in the business.

The Firm Low Impact Aerobics DVD (Classic Firm Volume 2)

The Firm promises to deliver results in 10 workouts. Each workout is designed to be low-impact, without any of the jumping and jarring movements that some other aerobic DVDs use. Over 141 five-star customer reviews on Amazon speak to the quality of the workout.

Instead, have light dumbbells and ankle weights ready because you'll use weights to increase the intensity of these workouts.

The entire workout is 65 minutes long and includes a warm-up, cardio, muscle toning and stretching.

Biggest Loser: Boot Camp

With over 250 five-star reviews and counting on Amazon, the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD is one of the highest-rated aerobics DVDs. The workouts are led by Bob Harper, one of the hosts on NBC's hit show The Biggest Loser, on which the DVD is based.

Bootcamp classes normally have large groups of people and are minimalist in terms of equipment used. This DVD only requires a medicine ball and resistance band, but you get the comfort of doing the workout solo in your home. There are three workouts in the DVD with varying difficulty, so you have room to progress unless you're already in great shape.

Tracy Anderson: Cardio Dance Express

An article from Woman's Day rates this one of the top 25 DVDs for getting in shape. There are six, 10-minute dance routines included in the DVD. The first workout is more of a dance lesson where you learn beginner steps.

As you progress through the workouts, you'll be better able to pick up the dance routines, which are designed by Tracy Anderson. A trainer of celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, Tracy Anderson knows what it takes to get you into shape.

Denise Austin: Quick Burn Cardio

In addition to leading one of the longest-running fitness TV shows in history, Denise Austin has published 12 books and produced a series of workout DVDs.

This quick aerobics workout, which has almost 100 five-star reviews on Amazon and counting, is 50 minutes long. You start with a five-minute warm-up and then move into 20 minutes of interval training with leg and ab exercises. After that you have 20 minutes of weight training. Finally, there's a five-minute cool down with stretches.

Improve your cardiovascular fitness and health with an aerobic workout DVD.

Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix

An article from considers this one of the top six exercise DVDs out there. Jillian Michaels leads this butt-kicking cardio workout with her usual commanding intensity.

There are three 20-minute kickboxing workouts in this DVD. The first is focused on your upper-body muscles, the second focused on your lower-body muscles and the third is focused on your abs. Each workout includes heart-pounding kickboxing moves.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Once again, Jillian Michaels creates a workout DVD that people love. A whopping 4,600 and counting five-star reviews on Amazon speak to the quality and popularity of this video.

The entire series takes 30 days to complete if you follow the instructions. There are three 20-minute workouts in the series, each with a different difficulty level. The workouts use your bodyweight and light dumbbells to tax your aerobic system and your muscles.