Jump Rope Exercise Routines

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You may think jumping rope is just an activity for children, but it can actually be a great exercise for adults as well. Including jump rope exercises in your workouts can improve the strength in your arms and legs as well as strengthen your cardiovascular system. It is also a great way to keep your workouts varied and fun.

Double Leg Jumps

Double leg jumps might be one of the routines you performed with a jump rope as a child. Basically, you want to jump with both feet at the same time. This routine might get a little boring or seem like less of a challenge than other routines. However, it is an effective exercise for balance and foot speed as well as endurance.

Alternate Leg Jumps

Alternate leg jumps are a little more challenging. Basically, you want to stand and jump with one leg on the first jump and then switch to the other leg to jump on the second jump. You would keep switching from the left leg to right leg with each jump, always standing on only one leg at a time. This exercise obviously requires a lot of balance and is a great workout for your leg muscles.

Criss Cross

The criss-cross routine is a bit more tricky and will take some practice to master. As you are jumping over the rope and it goes under your feet and over your head, you want to cross your elbows over each other and jump through the rope again. You need precise timing to get the rope around you without missing. This exercise is one you have probably seen boxers use during their workouts. It is a great exercise for endurance, foot work and coordination.

Double Unders

Double unders is another routine that will take some practice. Basically, you want to jump over the rope twice in one jump. As you leap, the rope should make two full revolutions around your body. So, you will need to jump high and swing the rope quickly around your body. This is an effective routine to use mixed in with other routines or as an ending to a routine. Alone as an exercise, it will take some time to master. However, it will help you with your jumping abilities and speed while improving the strength in your arms and legs.