How to Use the Body by Jake Ab Back Plus Machine

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In the era of ab machine infomercials, the Body by Jake Ab Back Plus machine reigned supreme. This device promised you a defined middle, like those sported by fitness magazine models, with an easy set of exercises. No longer available, you might find one used on an auction site or yard sale.

The Body by Jake Ab Back Plus machine comes with a set of torsion, or resistance, disks that you add to a hex bar on the side to increase the difficulty of the exercises. These slide on, with the fatter side facing the ceiling. Always start with no resistance, and add it gradually over the course of several weeks as you become stronger.

Standard Crunch

The standard crunch targets the front abdominal muscle that's most superficial and obvious in the mirror. Remember, no matter how strong this muscle gets, you won't see its definition until you lose extra belly fat covering it with a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise.

Sit on the seat of the Ab Back Plus machine and lock your feet under the foot rests. Rest your back on the padded roller and grasp the handles by your shoulders.

Crunch up and down up and down slowly.

Work your way up to 30 crunches.


Once you're able to do 30 reps of any exercise readily, add a torsion disk to increase the challenge. When that level is easy enough for you to do 30 reps, add another. Keep progressing until you've got all three loaded on the machine. This should take several weeks, depending on your fitness level.

Swivel Twist

This exercise works your rotating and twisting muscles, known as the obliques.

Sit on the seat with your back against the roller and your hands grasping the handle bars by your shoulders.

Extend your legs out in front of you, instead of hooking them under the foot rollers, and cross your ankles.

Contract your abdominal muscles and swing your lower body side to side. Work up to 30 repetitions and add torsion disks as needed.

Oblique Crunch

Further work your obliques with this move. You'll position your body slightly differently than for the first two moves.

Sit on the Ab Back Plus and cock over to your left hip. Hook both feet under one foot roller.

Place your upper body in the back and shoulder cradle, hold the handles and crunch up.

Do up to 30 repetitions, then switch sides. Adjust the torsion as needed.

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An ab machine may help you tone your middle.

Back Extension

The back extension completes your core workout by targeting the muscles of the lower back and those along the spine. These muscles are important to a healthy posture and daily functioning.

Adjust the Ab Back Plus by removing all torsion disks and adjusting the arrow to its corresponding arrow on the handlebar marked "Back." Add a torsion disk back on if you choose.

Sit on the seat, grip the handles and place your feet under the rollers.

Press your back into the back roller and lean back, using control. Return to the start position. Work up to 30 repetitions; add torsion disks as you progress.

Create a Workout

The Body by Jake Ab Back Plus suggests a 10-minute workout three times per week is all that's needed to get results from the machine. You'll benefit from also meeting the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise, weekly. This helps control your weight so the abs you work at building are more likely to show.