How Wide Is a Treadmill?

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Treadmills come with varying lengths and widths when it comes to belt size. Most treadmills have a standardized width, but a few vary in size for specific purposes. There are advantages to both narrower and wider treadmills which should be considered when buying a new treadmill.

Variations in Width

Treadmills can vary in width between 14 and 20 inches. The average width of a standard treadmill is 18 inches.

Benefits of wider treadmill belts

A wider treadmill belt has a few advantages. One advantage is that you'll have more space to walk with your normal gait. If it's too narrow you may be forced to walk or run with your feet closer together, which could cause you to trip or limit your speed. Another advantage is you'll have more space to move your arms and body around without making contact with the handrails. You'll also be less likely to misstep and drop your foot off the side, which could lead to injury.

Benefits of narrow treadmills.

The one key benefit of narrower treadmills is that they take up less space. They are often marketed as "work station treadmills," for those who prefer to stand and walk while typing on a computer.