Royal Canadian Air Force Exercises for Women

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As a part of the Canadian Forces, the Canadian Air Force has fitness standards to ensure its enlisted members are physically fit for the military. The standard Canadian Forces fitness test requirements apply to all branches of the Canadian Forces. These tests emphasize physical strength, dexterity, and aerobic endurance. These standards apply to both men and women, with each gender having its own level of performance requirements.

Aerobics and Running

The Canadian Forces put a high premium on the value of aerobic training and its effect on fitness. Official physical training doctrine recommends 20 to 60 minutes of aerobics or running three to five times a week. The objective is to raise your heart rate to 67 percent to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate. The final goal is then to master the 2.4 km run as a tested event. Women under the age of 30 are required to run the test in 12:36 to 14:26 minutes. Women older than 30 are allotted increasing amounts of time for the run.

Strength Training and Pushups

To prepare for upper body training, the Canadian Forces recommend strength training sessions three to four times per week. Training doctrine recommends workout exercises of the user's discretion, one set each at eight to 12 reps in eight to 10 exercises working each of the major muscle groups. The objective is to build upper body strength to master the pushup portion of the fitness test, with minimum ideal performance set at nine pushups for women under 35, and seven for those over 35.

Situps and Hand Grip

Training doctrine also includes core muscle training, with situps on the standardized fitness test. Women under the age of 35 are required to perform at 15 situps, while women 35 or older are required to perform 12 situps at minimum. Finally, all Canadian Forces are required to test on hand grip strength. This test is administered using a dynamometer, which measures the amount of pounds of pressure a person can squeeze with their hands. The test measurement combines the amounts squeezed by both the left and right hands. Women under 35 years of age are required to reach 50 kg or 110 lbs. on the dynamometer while women over the age of 35 are required to reach 48 kg or 105.6 lbs.

Swim Test

Finally, all members of the Canadian Forces are required to take a swim test. The first test is composed of a 50 m swim wearing a life jacket. The second test involves somersaulting into the pool without a life jacket, treading water for two minutes, then swimming 20 m. It is recommended that applicants to the Forces enter the military with at least basic proficiency in swimming.