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How Does the Pedometer Work on the iPod?

The iPod has come a long way since it first made its debut 10 years ago. The Nano, for example, now features a full-color, rotatable mini-screen, a built-in FM radio with the ability to pause the live stream, and a built-in pedometer. Clip the Nano to your shorts, shoes or sleeve and keep track of the number of steps you take daily.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is slightly larger than the Shuffle. It comes in seven bright, anodized aluminum colors. It also features a full color, 1.5-inch screen with touch screen capabilities, much like the iPod Touch and iPhone. Other new innovations of the Nano include a built-in clip, a 30-pin connector, which helps connect your Nano to your car or home stereo as well as other products made for the iPod, a built-in FM radio tuner with Live Pause, a pedometer and built-in accessibility features for people with disabilities.

Nano Pedometer

The Nano Pedometer uses a built-in accelerometer, which is much more accurate than a pedometer, to measure the amount of steps you take daily. It works by sensing the acceleration of your legs, whereas with a pedometer you may get a misreading by simply bouncing up and down. To use the Nano Pedometer, clip the Nano to either your shorts, shoes or sleeve. Next, upload the pedometer application, which is found under the Extras option on your Nano. Then click on Fitness, then Pedometer. Enter your weight. The application then starts to count the number of steps you take as well as shows the total amount of time and amount of calories burned. At the end of the day, the pedometer stores your fitness data and resets itself.

Nike and iPod

Nike has joined forces with the iPod to provide a virtual fitness trainer to meet all your health and fitness needs. Applicable on both the iPod Touch and Nano, slip the Nike + iPod sensor into your sneakers prior to your workout routine. As you start to work out, the sensor tracks fitness metrics such as calories burned, time and distance. It sends this information wirelessly to your iPod as well as tracks your information on Other features include specially made workout mixes from top trainers and athletes.

Other Fitness Apps

Apple provides a wide variety of health and fitness apps for all iPods. Choose from diet and nutrition, yoga, Pilates, cardio and muscle building apps as well as those provided by popular health and fitness magazines. The cost of these apps vary, though many are offered for free.

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