How to Strengthen Your Hand Fast

How to Strengthen Your Hand Fast

The many joints in your wrists and fingers make you more susceptible to pain from the natural wear and tear on your body. If you experience arthritis in your joints or have difficulty grasping items due to weakness in your hand, you may benefit from exercises for your hands to strengthen them. If you wish to quickly strengthen your hands, you can perform several effective exercises each week to strengthen the hands and experience results in a few weeks' time.

Perform range-of-motion exercises to warm the hand muscles to prepare them for strengthening exercises. Examples include opening and closing the hands and touching each finger with the thumb.

Hold a tennis ball in your right hand, squeezing it as hard as possible. While you should not squeeze to the point of pain, you should squeeze enough to feel the hand muscles working. Hold this position for five seconds, then release the tennis ball squeeze. Repeat the exercise nine times for a total of 10 repetitions. Rest and perform two additional sets.

Tie a resistance band into a loop and step on the bottom of the loop with the ball of your foot over the band. Grasp the loop with your hand, holding your forearm in front of you. You can grasp the forearm with your opposite hand under the arm for support. Lower your hand toward the floor, then resist against the band to lift your hand up, feeling the hand and wrist muscles working. Return to your starting position and repeat the exercise 10 times. Perform on the opposite arm. Then repeat for one to two sets.

Take a lightweight dumbbell in each hand. Rest your arm on a table or desk, letting your wrist and hand hang off the table with your palm facing the floor. Lower the hand as much as possible, adopting a relaxed position. Slowly lift the hand up, feeling the hand muscles working. Lower the hand to the ground and repeat the exercise 10 times, then switch to the opposite hand.


If you experience a complicating condition like hand arthritis, you can perform these exercises in a warm pool of water to keep the muscles loose and reduce pain.


Although the goal is to build hand muscles quickly, training too often increases your risk for injury. Perform these exercises every other day for maximum benefits and injury prevention.