How to Do Cool Soccer Tricks

How to Do Cool Soccer Tricks

Soccer tricks are fun and can also develop your control of a soccer ball. Soccer freestyle is a growing trend, with skillful freestylers who put on exhibitions of juggling and inventive tricks. The best way to learn is through practice and repetition. When you are juggling a ball and performing tricks, focus intently on the soccer ball. Have your weight on the balls of your feet and be ready to move side to side if necessary.

Experiment with varied ways of getting the ball off the ground. Roll the ball back to yourself gently, put your foot under the ball and flick it up in the air to juggle. For a variation, flick the ball up higher and perform a spin move before beginning juggling.

Learn the rainbow soccer move to get the ball off the ground and juggling. Begin with your standing foot directly in front of the ball. Use the laces of your back foot to roll the ball up the back of your ankle before flicking your heel up and propelling the ball into the air. If you roll the ball only slightly up your ankle, the ball will travel backward, and rolling too high will result in little height. Practice regularly to gain a feel of the ball -- the goal is for the ball to travel forward over your head and land in front of you to catch with your foot and so you can continue to juggle.

Employ a variety of moves while the ball is in the air during juggling. The Around the World soccer move was famously used by Diego Maradona, and requires moving your foot over, around and back underneath the soccer ball before continuing to juggle.

Catch and balance the ball on different body surfaces while juggling without the ball touching the ground. For example, catch the ball on your foot and hold it still before continuing to juggle, or bend forward and balance the ball on the back of your neck. For example, David Beckham once performed a pushup and got back up with the ball balanced on his neck.