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How to Figure Batting Averages for Softball

Although batting average doesn't tell the whole impact of a softball player, it is still one of the most important statistics in the game. Dividing the number of hits by the number of times at-bat calculates this seeming simple metric. However, what constitutes a hit or an at-bat isn't as obvious as it initially appears. In general terms, it's a hit only when a batter gets on base by her own merits. These rules and the batting average calculation also apply to baseball.

  1. Count the number of at-bats for the player, minus the times she is walked, hit by a pitch, sacrifices or reaches base by a catcher's interference. For example, if a player goes up to bat 20 times, but is walked three times and sacrifices twice, she has 15 official at-bats.

  2. Count the number of singles, doubles, triples or home runs for the player. Only these base hits will figure into a batting average.

  3. Divide the number of hits by the number of at-bats. Round the number to the third digit after the decimal. For example, if the player had eight hits in 15 at-bats, divide eight by 15 to get 0.533333. Rounding this number and removing the preceding zero gives you a .533 batting average.

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