How to Find Out My Skateboard Size

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Skateboarding provides a low-impact, aerobic workout for kids and adults, but before you begin the activity, you must find the right board for you. A board that's too small or improperly made could break underneath you, potentially leading to injury. The correct size of board is directly tied to such factors as your age, height and shoe size.

Know your height and shoe size. The skateboard sizing guidelines based on these criteria are as follows: Micro: Ages 5 and younger, height of 3-foot-4 and shorter, shoe sizes 3 and smaller Mini: Ages 6 to 8, 3-foot-5 to 4-foot-4, shoe sizes 4 to 6 Mid-size: Ages 9 to 12, 4-foot-5 to 5-foot-2, shoe sizes 7 to 8 Large: Ages 13 and up, 5-foot-3 and taller, shoe sizes 9 and up

Consider where you'll be skating when choosing your deck size. Skaters who do ramps and other vertical obstacles usually prefer a wider deck, while street skaters prefer a smaller deck. Wide decks also can help support the weight of larger skaters.

Match the width of your truck axle to the width of your deck. The truck axle should be no more than a quarter-inch narrower than the deck.


Don't worry too much about adding extra length to your board; this feature is usually used only by advanced skaters.