How to Improve Your Golf Swing if the Ball Goes Low & Left

Portrait of young male golfer

Golf is, at times, a difficult game. The misplacement of a shot is one of those times when it is most difficult, whether you hit the ball too far, too low, hook or slice. If even one shot is off, it can put a damper on the rest of your game. By finding out what is ailing your shot and implementing improvements into your swing, you can dominate all 18 holes.

Prevent Hooking Your Shot To The Left

Open your club face. If the face, or front, of the club is tilted in toward you, tilt it out until it is lined up straight with the ball.

Grip the club properly. With both hands holding the club, form a "V" with your thumb and index finger. The "V" must point to the inside of your right shoulder. You should see only two knuckles on your left hand if the you have the proper grip.

Position the ball so that it is not too far back in your stance. If it is in line with your back foot, then it needs to be moved more towards the middle of your body.

Align your shoulders so that they are parallel with the line of your shot. If your right shoulder is too far back, it will be a contributing factor to hooking your ball.

Shorten your swing. A swing that is too long can allow for the club face to open up.

Prevent Hitting The Ball Too Low

Place the club on the ground behind your ball and take your grip from this position. Swing through with the club gripped in this fashion. Although it may not be as comfortable, it will help you hit the ball straight on instead of hitting it with an elevated club, which causes shots to lose loft.

Neutralize your grip on the club. In many instances, having a strong grip will cause your ball to go low. To fix this issue, grip the club properly with the "V" on your right hand, created by your index finger and thumb, pointing to the inside of your right shoulder. Look down at your left hand; you should see only two knuckles.

Place more weight on your right foot. Hitting the ball too low can be caused by shifting your weight to your left side. By consciously planting your right foot and keeping your weight on it, you will prevent shifting your weight to the right.


As with everything in golf, the best way to keep from hitting your ball too low and to the left is by repeatedly practicing your swing.

Videotape yourself practicing your swing so that you may observe all of the actions that you are taking.