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Big Toe Exercises

Though they are not usually given first thought when it comes to physical ability, the toes -- especially the big toes – help you to balance and allow for a speedy and powerful push-off. If you have trouble balancing on one foot or you feel that your push-off needs more power, you can perform exercises that will help to increase the big toes' strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Strong Toes

Everyday household items -- such as a towel, a book, marbles and a chair -- serve as equipment for toe exercises. Sit tall in a chair for all exercises. Place a towel on the floor by your foot and with your heel secure on the ground, use your big toe to pull the towel toward you. To perform toe flexes, start by placing your foot on top of a book with the toes hanging off of the edge. Bend the toes down toward the floor and hold for one count. Finally, put 10 marbles on the floor next to your foot and pick them up one by one using your toes.


Perform big toe exercises every day. Complete three sets of 20 repetitions for the towel and marbles exercises and one set of 10 repetitions for the toe flexes. Wiggle your toes around and perform bodyweight calf raises to warm the toes before performing any exercises. Stretch the big toes after your workout by gently pulling them toward your body with your hands.

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