Tips for Running the 800M for Women

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

The 800 meter race can be one of the most challenging 2 minutes to run in track and field. The goal of running any race is to go as fast as you can to win. However, the 800 meter race requires a woman to run fast and conserve energy until the very end. A great way for a woman to run the 800 is to break it up into four sections to help her push herself, set a good pace and conserve energy.

The Start to 200 Meters

Before the race, mentally prepare yourself for what is going to happen in the next 2 minutes after the gun is fired. Start the race by finding a good pace, not too slow and not too fast. If you start in the outside lanes, you should not immediately make your way to the inside lane. Instead, after the first curve, run diagonally toward the inside lanes to avoid extra running. You should reach the inside lane by the time you reach the next curve.

200 to 400 Meters

Run at a moderately fast pace and keep your body relaxed. Tight muscles slow you down. You need to find a balance of being able to push yourself hard and keep your body relaxed. Any sudden fast pace change can burn too much energy. Stick with the pack, don't let herself fall behind. You will waste too much energy trying to catch back up.

400 to 600 Meters

Pick up your pace. You should now start to pass racers who are ahead. To do this, you should position yourself on the runner's outside shoulder. Move past her on the straight, moving to the inside lane at the curve. Once you make your way back to the inside lane, avoid getting boxed in by other racers, so you can make a break if you need to.

600 to 800 Meters

This part of the race is critical. At this point of the race, your body is exhausted, muscles are burning and you are possibly gasping for air. It is important to not let your running form fail; stay relaxed, keeping your head up, arms powerfully swinging back and forth and bringing your knees up high with every stride. Pick up your pace and sprint straight to the finish line.