How to Store a Mountain Bike in a Garage

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The method for storing mountain bikes in a garage depends on the available space and the length of time you plan to store the bike. Freestanding racks provide easy access for short-term storage. Wall racks and bicycle hooks allow you to store bikes at a convenient height for any length of time. Hoists are ideal for storing bikes overhead when you need room to park or store vehicles. Manufactured storage systems are available through accessory outlets. Consider it an opportunity to organize the garage when you set up to store your mountain bikes.

Racks and Hooks

Establish a space that allows access to the bike for storing it horizontally by the frame or vertically by one wheel. The area should be a bit wider than necessary to accommodate the bike and have enough immediate floor space to access the rack or hook conveniently.

Store the mountain bike horizontally on a freestanding gravity rack that holds one or two bikes. A portable floor rack near the garage door or a side door allows you to roll bikes in and out of storage with minimum effort.

Mount a manufactured folding rack or rigid rack on the exposed wall framing or a covered wall. Depending on the available space, select a rack that supports the bike horizontally or a wheel rack for vertical storage.

Install a wall rack by first marking and drilling 1/8-inch pilot holes at locations for the attachment screws. Use a stud finder to locate framing members within covered walls. Mount the rack using lag screws and a socket wrench.

Install a bicycle hook in the wall framing and hang the bike from the front or rear wheel rim. Measure the overall length of the bike and transfer this measurement up the wall from the floor. Add several inches for clearance at the lower wheel. Drill a pilot hole and screw the hook into place using a large screwdriver or the handle of an adjustable wrench as a lever.

Bicycle Hoists

Select the style of hoist, such as a double hook that stores the bike horizontally, or a single hook for hoisting it by one wheel. Manufactured hoist systems come in kits that include all parts and hardware, a list of the necessary tools and installation instructions.

Clear enough floor space to stand a stepladder at the area where you want the hoist. Stage the necessary tools nearby for installing the pulley brackets at the ceiling. Use a stud finder to locate and mark the overhead framing within a covered ceiling.

Mark the locations for the bracket screws and drill the recommended size pilot holes. Install the brackets using a socket wrench. Make sure the attachments are sound but avoid overtightening screws or you risk splitting out wood framing.

Attach the pulleys as described and string the rope through the rollers. Once the hooks are connected to the rope, establish a convenient location for the wall cleat that’s used to tie off the rope when the bike is hoisted.


Plan your space as if there will be more bikes to store in the future.


Make sure the area where you store the bike doesn't get a lot of foot traffic. You don't want an unintentional collision between a bike mount and a person.