My Ankles Hurt After Running in Place

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Running is a high-impact activity. While it helps to strengthen your heart and improve your overall physical health, it may cause pain in other areas of your body if you are not used to that jarring impact or are facing an injury. For instance, when running in place, you may feel ankle pain. Several factors may contribute to this pain.


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According to Dr. Clinton Mays, a physical therapist in Brooklyn, New York, when running in place, you may unconsciously alter your stride because it is not a natural feeling. Your ankles may hurt from accommodating your body to help it stay in one place as you run. The running surface, shoes and duration of the run may also contribute to the pain in your ankles.


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To prevent your ankles from hurting when running in place, Mays recommends that you have the right shoes for your body. Shoes have different structures and support and can contribute to ankle pain if they do not work for your body. In addition, make sure you are building up ankle strength. Orthopedic professionals recommend exercises like a seated calf raise or single leg stand.

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