How Effective Is Jump Roping?

How Effective Is Jump Roping?

If you're not a fan of running for cardio exercise, then consider jump roping. Jump roping for 10 minutes is the cardiovascular equivalent of running for 30 minutes. It's a quick way to burn lots of calories. Not to mention, you can jump rope anywhere plus it's one of the cheapest pieces of exercise equipment money can buy.

Full-Body Workout

In addition to strengthening and toning your legs, jump roping strengthens and tones your abdominals, chest, arms, butt, shoulders and back. Your body has to fight hard in order to keep you from falling over every time you jump. Therefore, all the major muscle groups are involved during this exercise. As a result, you will end up burning a lot of calories and fat in a short amount of time. For example, a 185 pound man will burn almost 15 calories per minute. Incorporate three, 10-minute jump roping routines into your daily workout and you will burn 444 calories.

Improves Coordination

Jump roping involves the keen ability to instinctively jump at the appropriate time as well as land squarely on both feet. Therefore, jump roping improves your eye, hand and feet coordination as well as your timing and balance. These three areas play a major role in both your daily life as well as your daily workout routine. For women, jump roping strengthens bone density therefore reducing the risk of osteoporosis and other debilitating bone diseases.

Increases Fitness Levels

Jump roping kicks up your heart and respiratory rates, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to your organs. Over time, jump roping will help strengthen your heart muscles as well as improve your ability to breathe. As you become less breathless while working out, your body will be able to take large amounts of oxygen and circulate blood faster and with fewer beats than before. This increase in your fitness levels will also help make performing daily tasks, such as climbing a set of stairs, easier and less stressful on your body.

Perfect for All Ages

Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, jump roping is appropriate for users of all ages. According to the American Heart Association, more than 15 percent of children and adolescents are overweight. Furthermore, more than 850,000 American adults die from cardiovascular diseases. Introduce this childhood pastime to your children and jump rope along with them. Not only is it fun to do, it promotes the value of a healthy, physical lifestyle to children, a value that they will keep as they grow older.