CrossFit Vs. Trainer

CrossFit Vs. Trainer

Reaching your fitness goals requires time, dedication and a specific training plan. Finding the motivation to stay dedicated or having the knowledge to write a training plan can be difficult. You can hire a personal trainer at your local fitness club or you can join a CrossFit gym to be coached by a certified CrossFit trainer.


One of the most important considerations for hiring a personal trainer is their educational background and certifications. All CrossFit trainers and coaches are required to have a minimum of the Level 1 Trainer certification before they can train at a CrossFit affiliate gym. The CrossFit trainers can also have specialty CrossFit certifications such as rowing, powerlifting and gymnastics, along with basic personal training certifications from outside organizations. Most fitness clubs require personal trainers to have a certification from an accredited organization before they are allowed to train. Overall, both trainers and CrossFit coaches are qualified to lead your fitness program.


The CrossFit program is built on a specific schedule using various functional movements, including squats, deadlifts, pushups, pullups and situps. Most CrossFit gyms prescribe their workouts with the ability to scale the load and intensity to match your individual strength and fitness level. As a result, everyone, from senior citizens to professional athletes, follows the same basic workout schedule. If you want a fully customized exercise program, a personal trainer can design a program specifically for you. A good personal trainer will listen to his clients goals and needs, access your current fitness level and encourage you every step along the way.


Working with a personal trainer provides a one-on-one atmosphere. This one-on-one attention ensures proper workout technique, along with motivation during every repetition. A workout can take place in your home, at the gym or outdoors. CrossFit workouts, however, are designed for group training workouts led by a certified CrossFit trainer. The CrossFit trainer coaches you and the other members during the workout to ensure proper form, improved results and the prevention of injuries. The group atmosphere of the CrossFit workout can be encouraging and motivating as you compete with your fellow members.


Personal trainers commonly offer various additional services, including nutritional advice. You can consult with your personal trainer about nutrition for motivation and encouragement through meal planning and calorie tracking. CrossFit trainers also provide nutritional advice, typically in the form of the Paleo or Zone diets. The CrossFit program focuses on clean nutrition by eating lean protein sources, fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds, while eliminating starch and sugar. CrossFit also offers a nutrition seminar to teach you how to improve your nutrition for performance.