The Best Golf Balls for a Slice

There are golf balls that can provide a quick reduction in the severity of your errant shots. A slice or a hooked shot curves in the way it does due to a high rate of sidespin caused by your club face being open or closed at impact, respectively. Two-piece golf balls are designed with the beginner in mind as they will not generate as much spin as three and four-piece balls. A low rate of spin from the golf ball will keep the ball flight straighter and will increase distance, however two-piece balls are more difficult to control around the greens. Two-piece balls range from the cheapest to among higher priced golf balls.

Budget Price

The Top-Flite XL Distance Golf Ball is a budget option for a low-spin golf ball. This brand has an ionomer cover which provides not only low spin and distance but is also cut-proof which may come in handy for you if you are a beginner. Other options at a budget price are WIlson's "Ultra Ultimate Distance" golf balls.


The Nike Power Distance Soft Golf Balls are intermediately priced and feature a low compression core and softened ionomer cover that work together to provide a soft feel, which is rare for a two-piece ball. You will like this brand if you don't like the rocky, hard feel that unfortunately comes with the cheaper balls. Other options in the middle price range are The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls and Callaway's "Warbird" golf balls.

High End

Most two-piece golf balls are relegated to a low ball flight due to their lack of spin but the Bridgestone e5 balls feature a 326 dimple design that promotes high flight, which is important if you want your ball to land softly on the green. The high priced e5 also has a tour caliber urethane cover which allows for spin control which can be vital for chip and pitch shots from just off the green, a quality usually found only in three and four piece balls. Other high end options in two-piece design are the Nike Juice Plus 312 Golf Balls and the Taylor Made Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls.