Motivational Ideas for Volleyball

LiWin/iStock/Getty Images

Volleyball teams need motivated players to find success on the court. However, a player's motivation can occasionally diminish throughout the season. As a coach, incorporating several morale-boosting activities can increase the chances of your team obtaining its goals.

Motivational Wear

If your team needs support off the court, purchase sportswear that features motivational thoughts or encourages school spirit. Such items can include customized team shirts with each player’s number and last name on the back and a motivational thought on the front. Other items can include hooded sweatshirts and silicone wristbands. Motivational thoughts can include “Think big, but aim high” and “Make the play first, then decide if it’s possible.”

Arts and Crafts Sessions

Plan a session in which players can create volleyball-oriented crafts. These crafts can boost school and team spirit and motivate players for the upcoming game. In addition, performing crafts with one another allows the team to interact on a social level, encouraging players to get to know one another better. Some ideas of crafts include making yard signs promoting an upcoming game as well as making team-oriented posters to hang around the school. Hold a craft session in which each member decorates his own T-shirt using paint, iron-on volleyball decals and motivational statements.

Purchase Motivational Novelties

To ward against a lack of motivation when away from the team, provide some motivational novelties for your players. These items can include inexpensive posters with motivational sayings and images of volleyball players or plays, or they can be inexpensive bumper stickers, decals or magnets. Try sayings such as “You mess with volleyball, you mess with me” or “Eat. Sleep. Play volleyball.” More serious sayings include “Leadership is action, not a position” and “Believe in yourself and others will follow.”

Try Non-volleyball Activities

Get the team outside of its volleyball environment and into places in which players can interact on a social level and build teamwork. For example, have the team go out for pizza and a movie, a game of bowling or laser tag. Doing so encourages the team to build chemistry with one another and work together as a team. These activities should reinforce that the most important thing about being a part of the team is enjoying themselves and the bonds they've built with one another.