Butterfly Swimming Drills

Butterfly Swimming Drills

Butterfly swimming drills are designed to improve your form and technique with respect to swimming the butterfly stroke. In addition to improving your mechanics and technique, butterfly swimming drills will also help improve your endurance and pacing while in the pool. Improving your endurance will help decrease your time with respect to races and other competitive swimming events.

Butterfly Mixing Drill

This drill is designed to help improve your butterfly stroke by allowing to focus on one arm at a time during the stroke. Start the drill by performing one butterfly stroke with your right hand directly followed by a butterfly stroke with your left hand. When performing a stroke with one hand, keep your other arm flat against the side of your body. After two, one-arm strokes, perform one full butterfly stroke with both arms. Repeat this pattern until you get to the end of the pool.

Blind Drill

This drill is designed to improve your balance and consistency while swimming in the pool. Start at one end of the pool, pushing off the side wall to get momentum. After performing one lap, close your eyes, making sure you are centered in your swimming lane before closing your eyes. Perform as many butterfly strokes as you can before making contact with either a wall or lane divider. As you improve, try an entire lap with your eyes close.

Butterfly 3+1 Drill

This drill is designed to help improve your butterfly stroke form by giving you extra time in between strokes to recover. Start the drill by performing three dolphin kicks followed by one butterfly pull. After completing the butterfly pull, repeat the pattern, allowing your arms time to recover during the dolphin kicks. As you improve, try reducing the number of dolphin kicks you perform down two. To further increase the difficulty of the drill, place light ankle weights on your ankles.

Hip-Delay Butterfly Drill

This butterfly drill is designed to help improve your technique with respect to the butterfly drill. Start the drill by pushing off the wall with your arms at your sides in a prone position. Extend your arms out with your palms down. From here, perform two hand-lead body dolphins before transitioning your arms out and away from you. From this extended position, pull on the water in a basic butterfly motion. As you do so, allow your shoulders to dip down under the water until you have completed the pull. Repeat the cycle until fatigued.