How to Hit a Softball With Power

How to Hit a Softball With Power

The best softball players in the world can crush the ball upward of 600 feet, but the power they generate in their swings does not come naturally. Top-of-the-line equipment helps, but proper mechanics combined with a strong core and body are necessary to be able to hit a softball with serious power.

Strengthen your core. A regular routine of situps, pushups, hanging leg raises and forearm planks will help you develop strong core muscles, which are crucial to transferring power into your swing. If you add core strength exercises to your workout routine three days a week, you should see added power in your swing soon.

Accelerate your hands to the ball. As the pitch is being delivered, move your hands toward your back shoulder. That way, as the ball is traveling toward the plate, you have to move your hands toward the ball, which initiates the swing process a fraction of a second earlier and gives you time to generate more power.

Rotate your hips toward the pitcher fully during your swing. Much of the power in your swing comes from the lower body, and rotating your hips helps to use that power, and to fully extend your arms and bat toward the ball. If you fully extend your arms, you will be able to hit the ball with more power than with bent arms, and timing that extension with your hip rotation will help you to generate your maximum potential power.


Avoid the uppercut swing. If you hit the ball with solid contact and form, the power will come naturally.